5 Ways To Look Stylish Over The Festive Season


What do we all want on Christmas Day (other than Chanel bags piled under the Christmas tree)? To eat, eat and…did I say eat? Drink and be merry with our loved ones *sigh* enter ‘Hark the herald angels.’ But we all know that with all that, comes the obvious and inevitable…over-eating and over indulging, which by the end of the day can make for a very uncomfortable outfit!

Christmas lunch is usually spent at my mum and dad’s place, with the whole Italian family bringing a plate (and by plate, I mean a 3-course meal each – as Italians do) …. This year, is going to be much the same except my brother is coming over from Sydney with his gorgeous girlfriend and new puppy Winston – The more the merrier! (no pun intended).

I love dressing up for Christmas, but will rarely go out and buy an outfit for it. I will usually find the most comfortable outfit combo or dress in my wardrobe and bling it up with accessories and some killer shoes (with flats tucked away for later).

Here are a few ways to use your pre-existing wardrobe to feel comfortable and look stylish, whilst withstanding those ‘fluctuations’ this Christmas.

Loose and flowing (and I don’t mean the champagne)

Something loose, flowing and easy to wear. Leave your tight midi-shapes at home and opt for palazzo pants, slip dresses, loose denim with oversized float shirts, along with flowy midi skirts and dresses. But remember, the structure and flow rule; If half your outfit is flowy, the other half needs to be more fitted and structured, otherwise, you will look frumpy.

Elasticated Waists

Even a partly elasticised waist, will give you more room to move. Whether that be in the form of pants, skirts and even dresses and you can wear them higher or lower too depending on how you feel.

A-Line Tops

A-line tops are great to have on hand if you tend to put on or lose weight on your top half – Their skimming quality and ability to cover a pavlova filled tummy.

Quality underwear & shapewear

Great shape wear can make otherwise seemingly unwearable pieces flattering and workable, along with make you feel more confident and supported.

Underwear which is comfortable and smooths any lumps and bumps can help too.

Don’t underestimate accessory power

Great accessories have a lot of power. Not only can they make an average outfit look amazing, they can cover any certain areas you may want to hide, or draw attention to areas you want to be seen – it’s a win, win! Opt for chunky earrings or layered necklaces. Shoes should always be an overstatement and don’t forget to take some nice comfy flats along for the ride to change into later.

You can absolutely still look stylish and feel great while you’re stuffing your face this Christmas.

Need a little bit of extra help though? Book an appointment with me today.

Yours in style,

My Stylist Juliet

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