8 Fashion Tips To Make You Look Younger


Decisions you make when dressing each day can add unwanted years to your age. As women, a youthful appearance is something we all strive for, whether we want to admit it or not. And most of us will almost always look to drastic cosmetic surgeries when it comes to fighting signs of ageing. But, did you know there are far easier, cheaper and less invasive ways to look younger?

Yes! You can look younger just by adding a few simple basics to your everyday wardrobe.

So, instead of going under the knife and spending thousands of dollars, have a read of my 8 fashion tips to make you look eternally chic and youthful.

1. Choose the right pair of jeans!

Nothing ages you quite like frumpy, ill-fitting denim.

Find the right pair of fitted denim, made with stretchy fabric to help you look younger than ever. Better yet you can go to my recent blog on the subject.

2. Don’t be afraid to wear colour

What better way to look younger than by adding a splash of colour to your life. I’ve been going on about it for some time now. Read my blog on how to wear colour instead of black which, by the way will age you instantly.

Some of the best colours proven to help make you look younger are:

Turquoise – A colour that brings out the glow in every skin tone.

Red-violet – Great for light skin tones, as an alternative to pink.

Periwinkle – A medium blue with a touch of violet that works beautifully with all skin tones.

New Black – True black is often too severe against mature skin. New blacks such as charcoal grey or deep navy are better suited.

3. Find a good tailor or seamstress

No matter how stylish your clothing is, if it doesn’t fit properly, you will never look good, or younger for that matter.

With the right alterations though, you can instantly look years younger. So pull that jacket out that’s been hiding in the dark recesses of your wardrobe and get those sleeves shortened pronto!

4. Go short, but not too short

Believe it or not, you can work a shorter hemline at any age. But whatever you do, don’t do mini skirts!

So, if you’re comfortable, opt for a dress or skirt that’s a little bit shorter next time for a more youthful look.

5. Showcase your shoulders

Showcasing the right places, such as your shoulders, is the easiest way to start looking a little younger.

Go for a strapless dress or a one shoulder to help.

6. Style with accessories

No need to match your huge gold hoop earrings with a blinged out necklace – Let the pieces speak for themselves and stay away from matching jewellery sets. Layered fine neck jewellery and layered bracelets on your wrist are always a winner for looking youthful and fresh.

7. Statement shoes are the answer

Hands down the number one thing that shows your age are shoes.

Invest in a colourful slide or sassy booty and it will save your day!

8. Don’t hide behind baggy!

You will automatically look 10 years older if you wear baggy clothing. I can’t stress enough that no matter what shape or size or age you are look for clothing that fits to form and gives you a waistline.

There are clothes out there that have shape, but are comfortable too so don’t give up! If you want to add another cool, youthful vibe to your look throw a blazer over your shoulders to give you that ‘I know what I’m doing when it comes to style’ look.

Now that you’ve discovered 8 secrets to looking younger, it’s time to head to the fashion department and get started!

Need a little bit of extra help? I have a range of packages available to help you find the right clothes to help you look and feel younger – they may even already be in your wardrobe!

Contact me to find out more today.

Yours in style,

My Stylist Juliet

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