How To Edit Your Wardrobe Like A Stylist

Most of my clients would think I have a wardrobe bursting at the seams, but you’d be surprised that I keep a minimal amount of clothing in my wardrobe so that it’s easier to select my daily outfits. And at least twice a year, I do a wardrobe edit.

I get serious satisfaction out of doing a wardrobe edit, maybe that’s why I chose to be a personal stylist – the OCD in me gets a total workout! I do it wholeheartedly because I know that everyone deserves a fresh start, and there’s no better place to begin than by becoming reacquainted with your clothes, shoes and accessories and editing them down to your dream wardrobe.

A good stylist knows that the more we keep in our wardrobes, the more we tend to stick to wearing the same pieces every day. Why? because an overloaded wardrobe means an overwhelming wardrobe and an overwhelming wardrobe means it’s too hard to put new outfit combinations together.

Like you, I sometimes get that crazy feeling of “I hate all of my clothes!”. Not only is a newly edited wardrobe refreshing, regularly completing such an activity, can save you time and money.
So, let’s get started!

1. Make the time

I know that time is something you may feel you haven’t much of these days. However, you need to really make the time for this, as it’s not something you can simply squeeze into your lunch break.

Depending on how many clothes you have, it’s likely you will need to set aside an entire day – or at least five hours.

To ensure you see your clothes in the best light, I suggest doing this during the day too. Just before the seasonal changeover like beginning of Spring and Autumn is the perfect time of year.

So, pump up the music and get started!

2. Get Organised

Apart from inviting your BFFs over for champers and reliving Carrie’s wardrobe edit in the Sex and the City movie, it’s important to get organised!

To do this, you will need to have a few bin bags and some post-it notes ready before you start.

First, create piles. You might decide to have five as follows:

Keep | Alterations and/or Drycleaner | Donate to charity | Sell | Bin

Write a post-it note for each pile, to ensure you don’t forget which pile is which.

3. Try on every item of clothing

It’s important to try on every item of clothing. You may still love that dress you bought in 2010, but when was the last time you wore it?  Does it still fit?  Does it still look good? Are you ever going to wear it again?

Trying on clothes doesn’t have to be boring either. Get creative and enjoy really thinking about each outfit you have on. You may even come up with some new outfit combinations while you’re at it!

As you try on your clothes, ask yourself what you like about each outfit and get real about whether you think you’ll wear it again. If you want to keep it, ask yourself why? More importantly, does it make you feel great?

4. Divide your

A great way to stay organised, is to divide your clothes into sections, by lifestyle and then by clothing type.  For example, have all your work pieces together, all your casual pieces together and going out/dressy pieces together. That way, when you’re getting ready for work, you only have to look at that section to choose what to wear – what a time saver!

Then, divide them even further by type. Put all your casual shirts together, casual pants together, long going out dresses together and short going out dresses together, as an example.

You will be extremely organised and able to see everything with ease, making choosing your next outfit a breeze.

5. Invest in
matching good
quality hangers

How many of you have hangers of different colours, sizes and material?  I’m going to guess a lot!

Buy matching hangers – Felt hangers are ideal. Not only do they look better, they don’t take up as much space as chunky wooden ones, they stop your clothes from slipping off the hangers and they’re very economical. You can usually purchase these from Bunnings, Big W, Kmart and most storage or reject type stores.

Whatever you’re going to do though, make sure you get rid of any wire hangers. They don’t look nice and are ruining your clothes.

6. Ensure your
accessories are

Are your accessories in a drawer or a box, all tangled up and out of sight? If they’re out of sight, they’re probably out of mind too.

Ensure you can see all your accessories by placing plastic hooks on cupboard doors or the back of a door and hanging your pieces from them. Or, opt for a large corkboard with pins and hang them from there.

The same applies to your shoes, scarves and handbags too. If you can’t see them they will likely be forgotten.

Feeling refreshed yet? I hope these tips have you feeling excited about your wardrobe edit!

If you need a little more help, Get in touch with me today.

Yours in style,

My Stylist Juliet

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