How To Pull Together A Look Just By Adding Shoes With Colour

It’s Spring, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the weather is finally warming up. The time is ripe for you to restock your wardrobe with colourful key pieces that will see you through to summer in breezy style. In fact, I’ve been banging on about the importance of colour in my blogs recently because science says it makes you happier! So, I’m going to set you a challenge to wear more colour in your life in the coming months and that means shoe colour too!

The thought of pairing a colourful pair of shoes with your usual go-to jeans and t-shirt combo, or Monday to Friday work attire can seem rather daunting.

Let’s face it, we all have our standard pair of black or nude go to heels for weekends, weekdays or nights out and many of us opt for these simply out of habit or comfort or in most cases wanting to feel ‘safe’.
It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, leave your everyday heels at the back of your wardrobe and let those coloured heels get some air time. I’ve devised a quick guide to wearing shoes from every colour of the rainbow, so you now have no excuses when reaching for that purple pair!

Before you start, a few rules of thumb to remember are:

1. If your outfit has a colour in it, your shoes can be any shade of that colour. Simple, easy right?
2. Black, nude, and grey shoes go with everything. If you don’t have these colours in your wardrobe then go shopping now!
3. You can never go wrong with head-to-toe monochrome.

How to pair colourful heels with your wardrobe

The best way to style a look and save your wardrobe from overflowing is to pair your everyday outfits with the right pair of colourful shoes.

Think about your everyday wear and what colours would work well with your style.


Goes Best With: Pink, orange, black and white, neutrals, navy blue and metallic.

Red is my favourite choice to spice up your casual outfit but try to avoid any sort of pairing of red shoes with a racy outfit they have enough sizzle factor on their own. Side note – red on red is try hard and overkill, so best to avoid.


Goes Best With: Brown, black, blue, neutrals, yellow.Most women would shy away from a green shoe, but surprisingly it is the most versatile colour. Just don’t match with orange or red as you can be seen to be looking like a traffic light or pumpkin!


Goes Best With: Yellow, neutrals, brown, white.

Love, love, love, a blue shoe especially a strappy light blue. If you want to pair skinny jeans with a pair of blue shoes that is a tad lighter than the jeans shade you are winning. Otherwise navy blues give you that edge over just plain black.


Goes Best With: Any shade of blue, black and white, green and if you saw Princess Eugenie’s wedding, you would have noted that one of the guests paired mustard yellow with brown (shock horror), but it worked!

Tip: Yellow suits a more tanned skin tone, so if you’re fair you might want to grab hold of some self-tanner.


Goes Best With: Blue, white, earth tones, red, yellow.

Orange looks great with tawny neutrals, beige, camel, tans because these colours are warm and neutral so the orange can really pop!


Goes Best With: White, red, purple, neutrals, indigo, black (for silver). Black, red, white, emerald, royal blue, burgundy (for gold).

When wearing metallics it’s all about letting the footwear shine, literally! So, stay away from dominant and bold prints. I would also match my bag to my outfit rather than my shoes in this case, as I think one metallic piece is enough in an outfit.


Goes best With: Neutrals, navy, pink, yellow, brown and green.

Purple is totally my favourite colour at the moment, especially the plum tones of purple and also the pastel shade of lavender. Maximise this pretty colour (without screaming ‘Purple Rain’) by working it subtly into your look. Purple and lavender heels will give you an edge, whilst adding femininity.

Accentuate with Accessories

Earrings, scarfs, necklaces and hair accessories are great for turning a basic outfit into a glamorous look.

Work attire is simple and within the safe zone of neutral colours or black. By adding a few colours to your pant-suit, you can give your look a high fashion feel whilst staying office appropriate.

Make your shoes your statement piece and pair the accessories with them.

Still not sure what your call to colour is?

Accessorise, add colour to your denim and choose metallic tones to glam up your basics.

Follow these simple steps and you are guaranteed to introduce vibrant, colourful heels in to your everyday wardrobe.

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