Spring Racing Fashion Tips & Tricks From My Stylist Juliet


As spring racing season kicks off in Australia, what better way to gain insight on race day tips and tricks from our very own stylist and fashion expert, Juliet Cuerden of My Stylist Juliet.

We asked her some questions, here’s how she answered:

By the way, I LOVE your Spring Racing outfit on your Instagram from last year – Who are you wearing this year?

I’m wearing a Manning Cartell dress, a Morgan & Taylor fascinator, Scanlan & Theodore earrings and Aquazzura for the shoes.

How do you choose your outfits for race days?

I basically keep an eye out in the stores and online about a month prior to Spring Carnival season and then just go for what attracts my eye, but I usually have a colour or idea in my head before I hit the stores.

When choosing an outfit, I mainly focus on whatever fits to my body shape, feels really great and I’ll be honest… it has to be comfortable! Melbourne Cup Day is a long and usually very hot day, so I definitely don’t want to feel like something is uncomfortably tight, too fabric heavy or cumbersome!

You’ve got to be in it all day, so I just make sure that 1: It looks okay, and 2: You’re comfy.

Do you have any style tips for people attending the races who haven’t been before?

Dress for your personality. There’s lots of fancy headwear, fascinators and so many things you can do, but if it’s not you, you’re going to feel awkward on the day.

I love wide brimmed hats, but they’re not going to work if you’re indoors at a sit-down lunch – it doesn’t matter whether they’re in fashion or out – you need to be practical. Wide brimmed hats should only be worn if you’re planning to be in the sun or outdoors.

I also love veils and think they’re very fashion-forward and feminine, but even though they look amazing, if you have the kind of personality that gets easily annoyed about accessories or if you wear glasses – they are not that practical. So, it’s all about tailoring your look to suit your personality on the day.

Are there any fashion dos and don’ts when it comes to racing?

The biggest advice I would give is to wear comfortable shoes, preferably ones that have been worn in, I think the biggest fashion fail is when you wear uncomfortable shoes and are forced to take them off and carry them around at the end of the day!

Moderate sized heels, block heeled sandals, mules and wedges are your best bet.

Do you have any tips for choosing headwear?

Wearing headwear is an important tradition and the races are a unique occasion, as there aren’t many places where you get to wear a hat. Get used to wearing it before hand, as not all of us are used to wearing objects on our heads, so a bit of practice is a good idea. And remember, you are not limited to wearing hats and fascinators, in our modern-day racing style. Alternatives are head jewellery, veils, fresh flowers and headbands/turbans.

Also, like body shape, you can choose the perfect hat shape for the shape of your face.

Here’s a quick guide to face shapes and hat wearing:

– Oval shape faces suit all hats, be bold and daring.
– Round faces should choose a hat that will give you an illusion of length and always place on an angle.
– Heart shape faces, steer clear of wide brimmed hats.
– Square shape faces, choose softer styles with no hard angles or geometric lines – for example flowers or feathers.

And accessories?

First and foremost, there aren’t many restrictions when it comes to having as much fun as you can with your ensemble and chosen accessories. However, it all depends on which piece you have chosen to emphasise. Choose statement pieces such as a large pendant necklace, delicate pearl earrings or layered rings.

Make sure that it blends in with your chosen outfit and complements your head piece and clutch.

If you have a very showy fascinator or hat, stick to more delicate gems in the same colour as your accessories. If you have a small headpiece or none at all, you can go a bit more adventurous with a large necklace or chunky bracelets.

What’s your favourite spring racing outfit that you’ve worn?

I wore a Staud two-tone silk dress last year and it was so comfortable. It was pink and red (my favourite two colour combos) and I wore a red fascinator.

What are your race day beauty tips? How do you prep your skin?

Hydrated skin equals fresher looking makeup. However, the more you have on your skin, the more your makeup will slide off. Skipping the serums and eye creams for a light moisturiser on the day is key.

In the lead-up, I eat clean and cut back on alcohol and salt. I get a glam facial from Cult Cosmetica too – best facials ever!

The more makeup you have on, the more can slide off, so limit your layers and get mileage out of multipurpose products.

‘Dewy and fresh’ can turn into ‘hot mess’ in minutes when it’s warm outside. So, dust around the nose where it meets your cheeks, the forehead and very lightly under the eyes to manage oil flow and prevent mascara from flaking off throughout the day.

Also don’t forget to drink lots of water all day for obvious reasons!

Do you like to go bold with your makeup or more understated?

I never really go bold to be honest. I quite like a natural make up – dewy, bronzy with a bit of powder. I am wearing a bold lip today but with a softer eye, it’s kind of one or the other.

As long as I can have dewy skin, I’m okay with that!

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