What Do Your Shoes Say About You?


Shoes – they might be the last item of clothing we put on, but they are often the first thing people notice and, believe it or not, they can say a lot about you as a person. You might even say that you can see right into their ‘sole’. From the type of shoe, to the shoe trends, there’s so much to be gleaned from a peek inside the shoe rack of a stranger or by simply staring down at the shoes on their feet.

Don’t believe us? Look down at your shoes right now. What are you wearing? Sandals? Shiny, well-polished shoes? High heels? Nice shoes that are a little scuffed around the edges? Take a look at your own shoe collection too and answer us this: why wouldn’t you want to be defined by your shoes.

Read on and take note ladies…

We’ve picked five classic pairs of ladies’ shoes for a bit of fun, to show you what your shoes may say about you.


If you regularly sport stiletto heels, chances are you’re uber-feminine, have an outgoing personality and enjoy new experiences.

Classic Pumps

Love classic pumps? It’s likely you’re a no-nonsense person and a good planner with an eye for detail.


You’re totally a girly girl and would prefer to be out all night and wake up at midday than go to sleep on time, because life’s too short for early bedtimes and flat shoes.

Embellished flats

Every morning, you choose your outfit based on what will be the most comfortable. You like things pretty though, which is where embellished flats come in.

Chunky Boots

Chunky boots lean towards a confidence/insecurity issue because you need to feel ‘butt-kickingly powerful!’

So, you see, whatever your choice of shoe, they really can say a lot about you.

As a Perth Personal Stylist, I can help you find the right shoes to project the personality you want.  Contact me today to find out how.

Yours in style,

My Stylist Juliet

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