Kate, COMO

I have worked with Juliet a few times now and life is SO much easier having a wardrobe of quality clothes that actually work together. It seems like an indulgence to have a stylist but it's actually not; it's saved me time and money. Juliet is also extremely lovely and listens to you. 100% recommend!


I just wanted to thank you for my styling. I cant believe I had never done this before. You are right – EVERYONE comments on how good I look and asks where I got my clothes from. You made me challenge my own boundaries and introduced me to a world of feeling wonderful all the time. I am now using my whole wardrobe and love getting dressed every morning, instead of the usual ‘oh my god I’ve got nothing to wear’. I loved the amount of clothes you chose for me to try on and the pace of the whole shopping day. I would recommend that everyone does at least one styling in their lifetime as it definitely an investment. I will never buy clothes that I won’t wear again. Thank you!

Helen, Cottesloe

I just cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am. I just have total Joy when I look at my clothes. I now feel like the woman I always wanted to be. I have had so many comments already. My major problem is that I am standing at my beautiful beautiful of clothes and just cannot decide what I need to take away with me. I love it all.

Did the black country road pants with the blush peacock top, black flats, and rose gold accessories yesterday. Literally every second patient commented. Today was the camel Capri plants and black saba top and basically hello to my hot summer day work uniform.
Yes yes to the additional session. I would love that. …

I need to pack away my clothes now but I don't want to because I just like looking at them so much.

… But just know that I honestly I'm not exaggerating when I say that your work has changed my life.

Thank you

Paula, Wembley

“The experience with Juliet has been amazing! The time with Juliet prior to shopping was so valuable - she gave me the confidence about what I like and what would suit my lifestyle. I have to confess, I have never enjoyed shopping and generally I become easily frustrated with the experience. Shopping with Juliet was so enjoyable and rewarding. She was fun but also honest and sensible with her choices for me- really, she was spot on! I have such great pieces to wear now, I love wearing them all!

I had a great time with Juliet- she is a great listener and she really individualises the experience and it works! I will definitely be a long term client.

Thanks Juliet!

Kate, Kensington

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for the help you've given Elizabeth and I this year - I write this wearing a white shirt, tucked into my fabulous Veronika Maine culottes, with my hoop earrings and my block heeled nude sandals from Wittner (all bought with you) and thinking …. once again … thank God for Juliet 🙂 I have been so happy, time and time again this party season as I go to my wardrobe and always have something great to wear. It’s made life SO much easier and  I enjoy knowing I am looking my best. You’re SO VERY GOOD at what you do and I hope lots more women work out that this is a smart use of their time and money.


Hello Lovely,

Shopping with you is the best fun you can have with your clothes on - literally 😛

It’s been so fantastic - you know how much I appreciate you. It’s been a great season and can’t wait for summer!!!

Much love

Stephen, Fremantle

I love Juliet so I’m biased:  But; calibrated down to allow for that, I can testify that her services are precisely what you need: If marooned on a desert island I would take a pallet of Marlboro Menthol Light, a lighter, a crate of Stolichnaya, a large bottle of soda water, three limes, two tall glasses …. and Juliet; anything less would be silly, anything more would be over kill… But seriously people; now;  quickly; before she is too famous to fit you in, before she is too grand to remember she once knew you, lock her down, tie her up, get her mark in blood on the 50 year retainer, manacle her slender, tanned wrist to yours, throw away the key, and never, ever, ever let her go… She the very best thing you can do for yourself, and that is by a country mile, my friend!

Liz, Kensington

Hi Juliet,

Thank you so much! This has been a fantastic experience, and I appreciate the help - it's astounding how your outfit can affect your confidence 🙂



Deb, Mount Lawley

If I am honest I was somewhat sceptical about the whole “personal stylist thing”.  My thoughts ranged from it is only for the fashion elite to indulgent practice to I don’t need any help!.  The reality for me however was that I didn’t really enjoy shopping for clothes; I don’t like that there is just so much out there and so much choice which is made more difficult when you are not really clear about what works best for you.  I also find the day to day thinking/grind about what am I going to wear (depending on weather, how I am feeling ) tiring!.  The experience with Juliet and the process she takes you through was remarkable.  Working out what works for you, and understanding why has made a big difference to me.  The culling of the old wardrobe (outside of being therapeutic and great for op shops)that is  now stocked with less garments but with more choice and combination has been great.  I now have a “capsule” wardrobe (Juliet taught me this!) which allows me to mix and match various items to create various looks depending on the situation (work, casual, play etc). I have been delighted by the impact of this change on how I feel in relation to “right clothes for me for the right event” and have been surprised by the number of comments by others about the “change” they noticed.

On top of all this is Juliet- passionate, warm, funny and fierce in bargaining prices… so many thanks Juliet and I look forward to the Autumn/Winter adventure with you. I would highly recommend My Stylist Juliet.


Camilla, Applecross

Thank you Juliet for a fabulous day and reminding me to look after myself for a change xx You are amazing.

Michelle, North Beach

Hi Juliet

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on everything and wondered if you could add anything to my style. I love that you were respectfully but brutally honest.  I’m so excited to head out shopping and look for the updated Spring/Summer version of myself.

Thank you.


H, Cottesloe

Love love love all the new kit. Have been "dressed up" each day this week - have worn heels EVERY DAY and have felt like a boss, and so many comments from people including a spontaneous "wow" from a senior male colleague (who then looked really uncomfortable), and weirdly when I was getting about on Wed in the grey dress and black heels I ran on time at work - which I never do. I am loving spending time in my walk in robe in the evenings and picking my clothes for the next day. Who knew coat hangers were so important? Will be rocking the leather jacket this Saturday night too.……….. 

As usual I love your work and love working with you and your magic blend of solid fashion sense and personal skills. 

Thank you again