Colour Up How To Wear Coloured Shoes



When it comes to pairing a coloured heel to your look, you’re going to have to try a little harder than reaching for your trusty black pumps. Or your grey sneakers. Or your nude sandals. These three colours already go with everything you own (hooray!), but they’re not exactly “colourful” are they?

The real hard part when aiming to polish off your fabulous look, is to do it with a coloured shoe – that’s as seamless with the rest of your outfit, as it is eye-catching. So, where do we start?

In fashion, the best uses of a coloured shoe is to liven up your basics, or make your occasion looks sing.

A good rule to remember is: if your outfit has colour in it, your shoes can be any shade of that colour. For example, if you’re sporting red in your look – pink will do quite well as its shoe partner (not to mention such an on-trend power pairing this season!).

Wearing a floral printed dress? Pick one shade in the print and match your shoes to that. Green shoes (my favourite) work nicely with browns, neutrals and yellow – and you’ll never go wrong with blue hued shoes when it comes to completing your denim looks; go for indigo and sky blue, or try navy and light wash denim. Unsure where to start? Using a professional stylist can always help you through the process.

Wearing a coloured shoe may seem like the more difficult option… but if you want to keep your style average high, it’s the best way to really make your outfit pop. Especially when you’re wearing your neutral uniform.

Take red for example (a perfectly timeless feminine hue). A crisp white shirt, indigo denim jeans… and pop! Red pumps. An instant outfit lifter (and not just literally). Whilst the impulse to put on these pairs of gorgeousness will often arise, the red shoe does have it’s dos and don’ts. As it’s already synonymous with sexy, that means you can really play down the rest of your look.

An oversized boyfriend button-up shirt and some tapered, straight leg jeans will have a much more effortless effect with your ruby red pump – rather than any number of figure hugging styles (alert!).

If this is the case, try taking the shoe down a notch, as you retain the desired colour pop effect. Ballet flats, loafers or sneakers will do the trick. On the other hand, changing the shade slightly will keep the colour pop, but reduce the, uh… siren. Try oxblood, maroon, crimson or dusty rose.

The main thing to remember is, a brightly coloured shoe should really speak for itself – i.e. don’t overdo it with accessories and makeup. Electric blue stilettos may seem like a great idea, but not so much when they match your bag, nails, jewellery, eye shadow…

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