Thinking Of Hiring A Stylist?



Perhaps you’re one of those effortless dressers – One of those people who always looks perfect and wears the perfect accessories and bags to match.

For people like you, this simply comes naturally (lucky you). For others… not so much.

Most of us spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, reading fashion blogs and magazines, as well as sending photos of our outfits to our friends prior to going out, to make sure we look at least moderately fashionable!

But underneath all that, sandwiched in between all your crammed clothes and hangers, there is a personal style there (really) – One as unique as you.

This is where a Stylist comes in… to help you find it.

Thinking of seeing a Stylist? Let’s start with 6 questions a Stylist is likely to ask you about your wardrobe – 6 questions to ask yourself first.

1. What is your reason behind hiring a Stylist? And what are you trying to achieve?

Prior to hiring a Stylist, it’s important to think about your reason behind doing so and to gain a clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you want to feel more confident in your clothes? Do you want your wardrobe to be more organised? Or do you simply want to look more stylish? Have you changed your job recently?

The choice is yours… But to ensure you get the most out of hiring a Stylist, you need to get clear on the goals you wish to achieve first.

2. What is missing in your wardrobe?

We all have something that’s missing in our wardrobe.

What do you need? Not want, but need! What do you find yourself often wishing you had on hand, and have been telling yourself you’ll buy for months, or even years, but still haven’t?

Perhaps it’s a nice pair of heels, to go with every outfit, a classic black blazer, or something as simple as a white t-shirt.

Many of us have “so many clothes”, but we don’t own some of the practical essentials which should really be within every wardrobe.

3. What do you feel most comfortable in?

It’s only natural to love how you feel in what you feel most comfortable in.

So, what do you feel most comfortable in? What do you frequently gravitate towards wearing and why? Are there any fabrics you prefer?

These things will help your Stylist choose the right clothing for you.

4. Do you have any special events coming up?

Another helpful question to ask yourself and one that a Stylist will likely ask, is if you have any special events coming up within the next few months.

Sure, that ball gown from your graduation might still look nice, and it may just fit, but wouldn’t you rather wear a gown you love, versus the one that just has to do?

Forecasting for fabulous fashion events, can better help you plan and will prevent you from distraction by pieces that don’t serve a purpose right now.

5. What are the three favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

We all have a few favourite pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. Now it’s time to narrow it down to three and think about why you love them so much.

Is it the fabric? The colours? The way they hang? Or perhaps you just love the designer?

Why? These three favourite pieces will help give your Stylist (and you for that matter), a better idea of your overall style.

6. What do you want your wardrobe to say about you?

This is perhaps the most important question of them all…

And whether you like it or not, people will judge you on your image and will likely formulate an opinion of you purely based on that image, without even speaking to you, let alone getting to know you!

Your image can convey many things, such as success, status, character, personality, and of course, style. And this is usually based on your clothing; what you wear and how you wear it, your accessories and how you carry yourself.

So now is the time to really think about it, what do you want your image to convey? What do you want your wardrobe to say about you?

You do have a personal style – One as unique as you.

So, share your answers to these questions with a Stylist and start your journey to style today!

Yours in style,

My Stylist Juliet

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