What’s Your Style Personality?


Everyone has a style personality – Whether they know it or not.

The majority of us have a mixture of styles too.   I myself am minimal chic and a little bit of creative (mainly when I work), but find myself moving toward a more casual style personality on the weekends.

A mixture or not though, there is a dominant style personality which we all naturally gravitate towards.  So, which one are you?

Today, I’m going to provide you with some insight on the five main style personalities, to help you figure out just that!

Minimal Chic

The Minimal Chic style, otherwise known as a Classic style personality is always looking just that – Think Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchett, Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie or Meghan Markle.

No matter what this style personality is doing, whether that be shopping, working, going out for dinner, or lunch, they always dress the part.

A minimal chic style personality is also often more formal than the average person and even their casual clothes, are perfectly ironed and tailored.

Their jewelry is understated and of high quality and clothes are usually of neutral colours such as beige, camels or monochrome.

Creative Icon

The creative style personality can usually pull off any look with ease.  Fashion queen (and the source of the world’s wardrobe envy) Sarah Jessica Parker, has become a Creative Fashion Icon in her own right.

When it comes to mixing street fashion with high-end designer labels and coordinating and pairing their outfits, they’ve got it covered.

A creative dresser’s wardrobe is most often full of dramatic and unique statement clothing pieces, with interesting patterns and textures and bold statement jewelry.

Celebrities who are creative dressers include Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo and Lady Gaga (the majority aren’t as out there as Lady Gaga though!).

Boho Chic &

What about the Boho Chic & Carefree style personality?
Think Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Moss,
Sienna Miller and the ever-famous Coachella
and other summer music festivals for carefree outfits galore.

A Boho chic or carefree style personality
draws on various bohemian and hippie influences.

For fabrics, they are usually drawn to
silks, chiffons, anything with ruffles, and lots of movement.

Cool & Casual

This style personality likes to keep things casual and generally prefer outfit choices requiring minimal effort.  They also often have an easy-going personality to match.

The Sports Luxe trend often comes into play here – Picture a dressier version of active wear (Gigi Hadid is known to regularly rock this trend).

And because the casual style personality is usually easygoing and sporty, jewelry and makeup is limited.

Fashion Conscious

The last but not least of our style personalities is fashion conscious – They break the rules!

A fashion conscious personality wears what is in fashion, regardless of whether or not it suits them.  Why?  Because they’re fashion conscious of course!

They read all the magazines and fashion blogs on a regular basis, always know what’s in and what’s not and are always prepared!  The Kardashians, Rihanna or The Olsen twins. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the five main style personalities, which celebrity do you identify most with?  And which style personality are you?

Still not sure?  Get in touch with me to see how I can help you in style today.

Yours in style,

My Stylist Juliet

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