Why You Can’t Live Without A Personal Stylist



If you’re reading this blog, chances are you fall into one of three categories:


You have a Personal Stylist with whom you consult with on a regular basis. “How did I live without my Stylist?” is a phrase that regularly comes to mind.


You know what a Personal Stylist is and would love to have one, but think they are solely for the rich and famous and far out of your reach.


You have absolutely no idea what a Personal Stylist is and are reading this blog to find out!

Whichever category you’re in, this blog has something for you.

Let me share with you some reasons why you can’t live without a personal stylist.

1. A wardrobe as
unique as YOU

A wardrobe as unique as you, is even easier to achieve with a Stylist by your side, because of the relationships they have with stores, designers, and tailors. They know where to go to get clothes that align with your body type, colouring, and professional brand/image.

Not only that, they know how to get the best deals – sign me up now!

A good Stylist will shop at different stores and from different designers too, to ensure the clothes not only align with you, but your budget as well.

No two people are alike, which is why working with a Stylist is such a personal experience and why the right Stylist, will go that extra mile to ensure your wardrobe is as unique as you.

2. Your Image,
your look

Do you ever notice that some people just have a great image?

Those people are either extremely gifted when it comes to fashion and style, or they have a Stylist!

We’ve all heard the phrase “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Well, it’s a completely accurate one.

Your image can convey many things, such as success, status, character, personality, and of course, style. It’s a sad truth, but people will judge you on your image and will likely formulate an opinion of you purely based on that first impression, without even speaking to you, let alone getting to know you (totally sucks)!

This is usually based on your clothing; what you wear and how you wear it, your accessories, grooming and how well you carry yourself.

The right Stylist will help you find the right clothing and accessories to create the image you want to portray to the world.

3. Always something
to wear

With a Stylist by your side, you will never again look in your wardrobe and say “I have nothing to wear!!”

Although most of us have more than enough clothes within our wardrobes, usually many are outdated, no longer fit, need dry cleaning or mending, or simply no longer to our taste – sound familiar?

Did you know that we only wear 20% of our wardrobe?

Yep! The other 80% just sits there and never gets worn.

With a Stylist, you will have that problem no more. They will go through your wardrobe and determine what needs to be donated, what can be mended or altered and what you may simply just need permission to get rid of it by donating it to someone who might wear it more than you do.

A stylist will shop your wardrobe first to create new looks that you’d never thought of and then create a list of “fill in the gap” items to complete your wardrobe, ensuring you have something to go with everything.

Most importantly, a Stylist will assess you, your body, your personal and professional image, and your lifestyle, to ensure your wardrobe suits your individuality. Because really, your wardrobe should be as unique as you!

Regardless of what prompted you to read this blog and whether you were in the first, second or third category, you can now see what a Stylist can do for you.

Because there are so many reasons why you can’t live without a Personal Stylist, we couldn’t possibly fit them all into one blog!  Watch this space for Part 2 of ‘Why you can’t live without a Personal Stylist’ for 4 more reasons, coming soon!

Can’t wait for the Part 2?  Ready to get stylish now?

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